FAQ (With No "T") #1

Look at me posting daily. Isn't that exciting? Don't get used to it.

Today, we're adding a new segment to our show called Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs. It's a newfangled term, but I think it's going to catch on soon. As a side note, I've always wished it were pronounced facue, but that sounds vaguely like you're wishing ill-will on someone.

FAQs will be a weekly installment in which I will answer the single most burning question I've received from e-edition readers in the last week. For all of you non-readers, feel free to skip these installments, as it will not negatively affect your blog-reading experience. Unless you want to offer advice or suggestions on how to avoid similar problems that arise in the future, then by all means, read and respond. Or just respond. I'm always excited about new ideas, or great old ideas or new spins on good old ideas.

And now, without further adieu, this week's FAQ:

Q: I don't really like the divided screen. The left side is too small. It would be better if the page displayed and then the articles could be viewed in a pop-up window.

(All right, so that's actually a sentence, not a question, but it's implied.)

A: There are two parts to this answer. First of all, you have to click on the article you want to read. You'll go blind if you try to read it on the left side. Once you click on the article, it will pop up on the right hand side. It's not exactly a pop-up window, but it's the same idea.

You can make the right-hand panel larger by holding the cursor over the center dividing line between the left and right panels. A two-headed arrow will appear and you can drag the dividing line where you want it. No, the arrow will not be orange. Or nearly that big. Sorry if I misled anyone.

Still too small? To make the text larger, use the text increase and decrease buttons located in the toolbar directly above the right-hand panel (above "George Will Washington Post Writers Group" in the above screen shot).

And that's it for this week. Pretty simple, right? Tune in next week for... something equally amazing that I'm sure I will discover in the myriad of comments just waiting to be written. Remember, you can always click on the "Help" link for step-by-step instructions on navigating the e-edition.

Was this helpful? It's my first time, so if it's not very good, let me know how I can do better next week. And if you have a story to share or a suggestion for next week's question, tell me that too.

e-edition out.

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